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Things in Bread, the concept. To take something familiar and give you the best possible version of it.

Born out of doh’hut Trevelyan Square ( just around the corner ), whose destiny to be an ‘all things dough’ shop, adjusted to fill the demand for the donuts. But for the first 2 years we made sandwiches on and off, developing bread recipes and offering a range of sandwiches on different style breads, with fillings to suit.

We acquired 15 Boar Lane with the goal to bring Leeds something it’s missing, a made to order, fresh, quality sandwich shop. Affordable lunch to rival the low quality sandwich options on the high street. 

The TIB Menu was created out of love for the humble meal deal sandwich. Known to all. The classics, Egg & Cress, BLT, Roast Chicken Salad and the rest. 

But why?  “Why are the fillings so bland?  Why is the bread so dry and why can’t I get a better version of these classics anywhere?”

The questions we keep asking ourselves, when scoffing down that Sainsbury’s BLT or munching a Tesco Chicken salad. And I bring you the answer. ‘TIB’

Check out our video showing our TIB journey